Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater  


                                                 2016 Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater September 17-18 

                                                2016 Edgewater Celtic Harvest Festival Vendor Application

            Name of Business:_________________________ Main Contact:_______________________

            Mailing Address:________________________ City:___________________ State:____ Zip:_________

           Phone Number:___________________________ Website: _______________________________

            Email Address:_________________________________________________________________________

            Booth Requirements for Vendors for Two Days (Please send with your application):

           APPLICATION DEADLINE 6/19/16 *ALL applications will be pending upon approval.

          1) Vendor Logo

          2) Picture of vendor booth and set up

          3) Food menu (Food vendors only)

          4) Retail Food License through either Jefferson County or Tri-County (Food vendors only)

          5) Payment

          Celtic Festival dates for 2016:

          Saturday, September 17th 10:00am-7:30pm

          Sunday, September 18th 10:00am-5:00pm

          Non-Profit Vendor (Must be approved by event director before acceptance)

          Number of 10’ x 10’ booth spaces #_________________ Neg.

          Craft and Material Vendors (Includes Electricity):

          Number of 10’ x 10’ booth spaces #_________________ $170.00 each

          Number of 10’ x 20" booth spaces #_________________ $270.00 each

          Number of 20’ x 20" booth spaces #_________________ $370.00 each

          Food Vendors (includes Electricity):

          Number of 10’ x 20" booth spaces #_________________ $325.00 each

          Number of 20’ x 20" booth spaces #_________________ $425.00 each

          TOTAL FEES DUE $____________

          Vendor items

          The following item or items will be displayed and/or sold in the Exhibitors Space(s): Please include a photo or website link of product   

          being offered and describe in detail the type of display, presentation and items to be sold. Only items listed for sale on this application will be  









          Payment Information:


          TYPE OF CARD: Master Card__________ Visa__________

          Card Number: _____________________________________ Exp. Date:___________________

          Name On Card:____________________________________ 3 or 4 digit code____________

          Card Billing Address:______________________________________________ Zip Code__________

          MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: City of Edgewater

          Mail to: Celtic Harvest Festival, 2401 Sheridan Blvd., Edgewater CO 80214

          Payment must accompany your application

         Phone: 720-763-3012 Fax: 303-238-7192


         A. To hereby release and forever discharge Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater, The City of Edgewater, Edgewater Arts Project and its

         officers and agents. All sponsoring organizations, and their directors, officers, employees, agents and volunteers from any responsibility,

         personal liability, claims, loss or damages arising out of or in conjunction with my application and participation in the Celtic Harvest Festival.

         The Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater will not be responsible for any injury sustained by artists, vendors or guests while within space

         designated for the aforementioned, including the sale of all products or services occurring at such booth space. I agree to pay for all     

         damages that may have been caused as a result of the operation of my booth, sale of my products or of any of my other actions at the

         Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater. I further agree to store my products, merchandise, and/or art at my own risk without exception or limitations.

         B. To supply my own tent(s) along with all necessary equipment and tables and chairs for my products.

         C. To comply with all representations of this application and with all of the conditions and deadline set forth in the informational letter sent me

         upon acceptance into the Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater. I further agree that if I do not comply with such representations or conditions, nor

         meet all requirements, I may not be allowed to operate that day of the Festival and I would forfeit all entry fees.

         D. To attach a certificate of insurance representing a minimum of $1,000,000 liability or to complete an indemnity form releasing City of

         Edgewater, Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater and Edgewater Arts Program.

         E. To leave my space as I found it, properly disposing of trash and all waste products within the components made available by the Celtic

         Harvest Festival Edgewater, and removing all my equipment in a timely manner at the conclusion of the Festival. I agree to pay for any

         expenses that Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater may have incurred as a result of my not fully cooperating with the Festival organizers.

         Minimum fee incurred for non-compliance is $500.

         F. To use my best efforts to present high quality products and services and to cooperate with Festival
         organizers in assuring the Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater will be the best possible.

         G. Should an Act of God/terrorism/Mother Nature/or Community Disaster occur, Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater staff will make all

         decisions regarding the Festival based on safety first. Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater cannot accept the risk of disaster for everyone.

         Each participant and vendor needs to accept the risk of his or her entry fee. There will be NO REFUNDS. The money paid is spent

         developing the event. Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater does not save money if you do not participate in the event. Celtic Harvest

         Festival Edgewater has ordered and is liable for every supply, rental and services needed for the event, regardless of the outcome.

         These costs include but are not limited to paying for marketing, entertainments, permits, event staff, offices and administration costs all year.

         I have read, understand and will comply with all rules and regulations as outlined in this application.

         Applicant’s Name: Business Name:

         ___________________________________ _________________________________

         Applicant’s Signature: Phone Number:

         ___________________________________ _________________________________


         Date Received________________ Approved Not Approved


         Space Assignment____________________

         Amount Paid_________________ Confirmation Sent ___________________

         Check # _____________________ Notes ______________________________

         Credit Card __________________ ____________________________________

         This agreement made and effective the_________ Day of___________________ 20__________